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About Laura

I've always been drawn to computers, although I didn't own one until my 20s. Growing up in the 80s, I begged my parents for an Atari or a computer, but the best I got was the use of my mom's classroom computer — an Apple IIe — when she brought it home on occasion. I remember being glued to it, playing Othello, Oregon Trail, or using Print Shop. 

In 1992, I  went to college to become an English teacher, but somehow ended up as a graphic designer instead. This brought me back to the Mac, as I began to become proficient in the layout and graphics software I needed to do my job. 

After ten years working in design and advertising, I gave up my first career to go back to my original love — teaching. I earned my California Single Subject teaching credential in 2006, and taught English at Berkeley High School and Redwood High, both in the Bay Area.

After taking a 10-year maternity leave, I'm back to working again — this time incorporating my two loves: Computers and Teaching. I've worked on and owned both PCs and Macs, and I can unequivocally state that the Mac is my favored system, both in terms of ease of use and how it can enhance your work and home life. My family owns and uses nearly every product Apple makes on a daily basis. We also love cats.