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Remote Sessions

To protect my clients, I moved to remote-only sessions in early March 2020. Many had already been regularly connecting via screen sharing with me for years, and say they really like it a lot -- not only does it save them time and money, but they don't even have to get out of their pj's because we don't even see one another -- only our screens are shared!  :-)

If you'd like to get a little taste of how simple it can be to share screens, please schedule a free 30 minute session with me. I'd love to help you through it, and I'm sure it's a skill you will use in the future. This lesson's on me.  

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my virtual tip jar

my virtual tip jar

My computer tutoring business has always relied on the support of my community, now more than ever. Many of my hours are spent providing tech help for free to help those in our community stay connected. I would be ever grateful for your support to continue educating and empowering others.

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