Top Tips for Misbehaving apple Devices


1. Turn it off, Turn it on.

This one is used by the pros as a first line of attack. When was the last time you restarted your MacBook / iPhone? Did you know your Apple Watch can also be powered off? Try it and see, it often works wonders. No need to restart daily, just when your system starts acting wonky or slow.

2. Internet acting pokey?

Sometimes we fail to consider that this is the reason our devices aren't working as well as we would like is a slow internet connection. 

To easily test your internet speed, open a Google search engine page, and type in the words "speed test." The very first option that comes up will have a button in the lower right corner with the words "Run Speed Test" on it. Push that button, and make a note of what download speed is recorded once the test is over. (Most home users can disregard the upload speed.)

If the download speed is below 5Mbps, try unplugging and plugging back in your router/modem from electricity. Allowing it to cycle back up again often (may take 5 or 10 minutes). Once all buttons have stopped blinking, try the speed test again.

3. Out of Space? (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Are you a chronic app downloader? Keep getting messages that you can't take more photos because your iPhone is out of space? Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Here, you can find out how much storage you've got left on your phone, and you can follow the suggestions there to remove large files or apps.

4. Stop Bugging Me!

Feel like your iPhone, iPad or MacBook is bossing and dinging you constantly rather than acting to keep the chaos at bay? 

Get control of your quiet time by turning on "Do Not Disturb" on a regular schedule, like from 9pm - 7am (Settings > Do Not Disturb > Scheduled). 

You should also get to know your different types of Notifications (Settings > Notifications) such as Badge App Icons, Banners and your Notification Center. Go through each app that is "bugging" you and turn off the notifications you don't want to receive. (Protip: Badge App Icons are the least intrusive.) This will help you get the messages you need and filter out the ones you don't. 

5. Feeling Drained?

Sometimes battery life can let us down, and at the most crucial moments. If this is a problem for you and your device is more than two years old, you might be due for an upgrade. If that's not possible at the moment, try turning your phone on "Low Power Mode" permanently (Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode). The "Battery Health" setting here will also tell you how well your battery is aging (or not). 

Also, it's a good idea to keep a little external battery with you at all times — some are as small as a tube of lipstick, or are even incorporated into a slightly thicker phone case. Anker is a brand I highly recommend. I never leave the house without one!

Still have misbehaving devices? Call me!

I may or may not be able to whip your device into compliance, but I'll have a good idea one way or another after we've sat down at a coffee shop and discussed it. Why not give me a try? Coffee is on me!